Rand Baldwin

At work or play, sometimes I talk about it here.

  • Call: 425-829-4162
  • Mail:rand@randbaldwin.com
  • Lake Tahoe near Sand Harbor

  • Chimney Beach in the Fall

  • Truckee River near Downtown Reno

  • Wild Mustangs Near my Home

  • Comstock Mill Ruins

  • 914s at Laguna Seca

  • Ski Rose

At Work

I direct eCommerce, web development, and internet marketing campaigns that produce results and win awards. These are exciting times for web and mobile, and I’m ready for a new venture! Please ask how I can help you.

At Play

I like exploring new places, hiking, motorcycling, mountain biking, skiing, sports cars, disc golf, rc flying, power kites, frisbee, swimming, jetskiing, etc. A good mountain range is my perfect playground!

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